Come fellowship with us!

We are required to fellowship or have a sacred assembly or a set-apart gathering each 7th Day Sabbath for the purpose of reading Torah and/or hearing The Word of The Most High according to Leviticus 23:3


2017 Appointed Times Calendar
April 24, 2017
Starts At Sunset On April 24th (Monday)

Festival of Unleavened Bread
April 25 - May 1, 2017
No Work On April 25th (Tuesday) & May 1st (Monday)
Eat Unleavened Bread For 7 days

Festival of Weeks/Pentecost/Shavuots
June 18, 2017 (Sunday)
No Work On This Day

Memorial of Trumpets
October 6, 2017 (Friday)
No Work On This Day

Day of Atonement
October 15, 2017 (Sunday)
No Work On This Day
Fasting Starts At Sunset On October 14th (Saturday)
Fasting Ends At Sunset On October 15th (Sunday)

Festival of Tabernacles
October 20-26, 2017
No Work On October 20th (Friday)

Last Great Day
October 27, 2017
No Work On This Day (Friday)



12:00 noon until 3:00 p.m. Each Sabbath (Saturday)
The Hebrew Congregation of Atlanta
4419 Elmdale Drive
Tucker, GA 30084
Minister Milt "YahuYada" Carnes