Remembering to Remember YAH

On April 21, 2012, in Renewing Your Mind, by Milton Carnes

1. Remembering to remember YAH when doing business with another person will also remind you that not only is it impossible to serve two masters and hope to succeed -- always doing the right thing -- always creating win-win situations where you give more than expected.

2. Remembering to remember YAH when someone starts to praise you will keep you from forgetting that whatever light you may have shown to win that applause is only a gifted reflection.

3. Remembering to remember YAH in the middle of condemning yourself reminds you that you are much too harsh to be your own judge and that there's a Higher Judge saying repent/turn/convert or let go of your self condemnation (brought on my sin) and walk in the newness of life.

4. Remembering to remember YAH when taking your meals will help keep you from abandoning yourself to that nature (carnal thinking) which always abandons you after its consumed its desire.

5. Remembering to remember YAH in your travels reveals that wherever you go your dwelling place is always where your heart is and that no place is ever any better or worse than what you bring into it.

6. Remembering to remember YAH while being punished by your thoughts and feelings makes it evident that you do not have to stand out in the rain without covering.

7. Remembering to remember YAH in the face of a fear or loss reminds you that you've a choice in what you cling to, and that letting go of what is pulling you down is the same as repenting.

8. Remembering to remember YAH in the midst of a conflict or dispute helps to clarify that you can either go on fighting over what is temporay -- or -- you can fight for your spiritual freedom by walking in the spirit of YAH producing the fruit of the spirit (love, joy, peace, faith).

9. Remembering to remember YAH when doing those things you wish you didn't have to do connects you with YAH's Spirit for patience, kindness, and gentleness.

10. Remembering to remember YAH when doubting that remembering YAH does you any good places your wish for what is true above your own suspicion that you may not be sincere -- which is the beginning of True Spiritual FREEDOM.

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